The Spirit of Shristi Sewak.

Shristi sewak is a concept , deeply intrenched in our culture , which treats earth as Holy Mother. Most cultures/clvilizations of the world show that respect for the earth. Except for modern world.

Why mother and not father ? That’s an obvious one. A father hunts/farms. A mother takes care, conserves, protects.

The Idea of Shristi Sewak dwells in the fact that we all are good souls at the core. We want to be good, fulfill our duties as fathers, mothers, son, sisters, daughters, brothers, wives, husbands, friends , Countrymen.

But are persuaded by greed ,lack of will, lack of guidance , charm of excess consumerism to go down the path of abusing our own mother. No wonder females in the society have lost respect as wives, daughters, friends, mothers etc. When we cannot respect the place where we are born, and die. What else matters.

Its not the matter for world leaders and G8, and Municipal bodies to decide. Each one of us, Each individual , man ,women, child can do his/her bit.

Shristi Sewak is an effort to bring together , ideas, efforts and stories of real people doing their bit for Earth.

Who are not poor, but wise. Have tried to live a balanced life. These stories of inspiration , these ideas of execution shall be shared on Shristisewaks to encourage , inculcate among us the habit of leading a balanced , holistic , thankful life.

Who are Shristi Sewak ? Anybody who has this feeling that he wants to do a service to the mother earth. Be a good Earthizen. Shristi sewak would make an effort to reduce, reuse, recycle. Care, Conserve and He would not do world changing thing. He/she is no Avenger, Iron man, Catwomen or goddess, Super Man , Even Hanuman or shaktiman.

Shrsiti Sewak are people like u and me. Who do our bit , but weigh convenience over extra effort.

We prefer polythene bags over home made bags.

We prefer packaged bottled water over home bottled water.

We throw our bio degradable and organic waste in dump, rather than composting and recycling.

We waste and pollute water by over exploitation.

All this we do, with no criminal intent , but just convinence.



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