Objective of Organization

Srishti Sewaks is launched with the vision of changing consumer and corporate mindsets from Consumer of resources to being of some service to Nature. By Developing , Partnering and supporting Sustainable programs aimed at reducing carbon foot print, Air, Water, Sound, Earth pollution.

To make reuse, reduce and recycle not just Green Mantras but Life Mantras. To help Society move from Greed based consumption to responsible consumption.

To Reward and Recognize people, efforts and organisations who embody the Spirit of Srishti Sewaks. to become a collective Voice and Concious of all such platforms and efforts without favour or prejudice.

How do we want to represent ourselves.

We are not the Ones, but part of the whole. All stake holders Corporates, Governments and Residents have collective responsibility to make our earth better. Srishti Sewaks will change represent the new age indian and global citizen

  • Who will be the potential audience for this organization
  • Projects done under Srishti Sewak, if any?
  • Is organization registered under section 80g and 12aa
  • Objective/Goal for website



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